Divergent thinking: Pseudo-science edition

Divergent thinking, thinking outside the box – that little piece of creative craziness that’s in all of us – is what made Newton come up with his theories.

It’s also what made this woman think that a mentally induced force field would repel a man lunging at her.

There must be some irony in here somewhere.

Oh, here it is: even if there actually were a force field, and assuming Newton’s third law is still valid, the impact would still transfer through it and knock her out in exactly the same way…



American Spornosexual

No buzzy moniker of a male ideal based on narcissism, bodily obsession and self-absorption — that would be the “Spornosexual“, supposedly found either admiring himself at the gym, or surfing porn — can possibly be complete without American Psycho‘s Patrick Bateman, our favourite Wall Street psychopath.

Granted that online porn didn’t really exist in the 80’s — but Patrick did hire prostitutes to shoot his own porn, starring himself. I’d say that counts.