Topless protests? Helena Bergström did that on the big screen in 1992…


Activist group FEMEN organized a protest in the Stockholm Mosque a few days back where they flashed their bodies in protest of oppression and bigotry.

This sounds familiar…

bergstrom_helena34 In the 1992 movie Änglagård (House of Angels), charming big-city girl Fanny (Helena Bergström) visits a small village in rural Sweden to attend a relative’s funeral. She ends up staying for the summer and soon finds out that her outward style and personality is not appreciated by the villagers. In one particular scene, when Fanny’s buying her groceries in the village store, she faces some of the envy and prejudice right up front. Frustrated, she rips her shirt off in front of everyone and states darkly that “I believe it’s gotten way too hot in here”, before storming out of the store. Seemingly her way, as a last resort, to liberate herself from the suffocating narrow-mindedness she found herself caught up in.

A “call for freedom” indeed, as one of the FEMEN spokespersons described their action in the mosque.


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