SNL skit on the Hagel hearings

As always, sensitive political issues are most effectively addressed with satire, and few are more skilled at that than the SNL crew:

Update. None other than Abe Foxman, the ADL head, has raised his voice in denunciation of the skit, expressing his “deep concerns” in a public letter to SNL (note that the skit never aired officially – the above clip is just a rehearsal). While admitting that “this is classic satire of the SNL variety”, he worries that for a “smaller minority”, “elements of the skit could play into the worst kind of [anti-semitic] ideas”. While that’s of course true, the same logic can be applied to any satire or anything at all really. But that doesn’t stop him from poking at quite basic free-speech rights by “wish[ing] that someone had exercised better judgment by keeping this piece from going up on the Internet”. Nevertheless – if Mr Foxman really does worry about hotbeds for “the worst kind of ideas”, he should focus on the absurdities of the actual hearings instead of parodies thereof.


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