Prime time sociopathy

Please tell me how the onslaught of graphic, acronym-titled TV-crime dramas about horrific deaths with mutilated, burnt, dismembered, disjointed human corpses in close-ups on crime scenes and autopsy tables do not eventually have a desensitizing effect. I mean, it’s one thing for a coroner or an experienced forensic officer to develop ways to distance themselves emotionally from grisly realities of their profession, but to normal people – supposedly the majority of the TV audience – the sane reaction to most of that would be repulsion. Yet here we are watching the TV-characters speak casually over maimed bodies or joke while drilling through the scull of a murder victim. Too much of that can’t be good.


2 thoughts on “Prime time sociopathy

  1. Something to ponder upon; How old is a person when he for the first time starts thinking about becoming a pathologist/coroner?

    • I suppose at the age when the traits of antisocial personality begin to appear… Seriously, that’s a good question and I have no idea.

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