The wonderful bliss of submission

IAS is one of the central organizations of Scientology. A group of Scientologists from Victoria, Australia are so thrilled to be members that they sing, dance, rap and Elvis-impersonate about it.

– All right, all right, they’re good people. But as members of an abusive cult, some ridicule is due. I’m sure Scientologists don’t mind. Oh, wait.

Update. Video down. Not surprising. Scientology is extremely protective of their materials and blocks content everywhere relentlessly. In today’s internet-era however, that’s a losing game. So, to spite their efforts, here are two more brainwash-themed songs. The first one if from nearby — Denmark. The second video is an old Band Aid-inspired Scientology production from 1990. In it, the top exec’s of the time can be seen in several pass-by shots; of which the majority have now left, went missing or become outspoken critics of the church (Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, to take two).


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