Today in cognitive dissonance: Sec of Defense hearings of John Hagel and pledges to Israel

It’s hard to fathom the twilight zone a country is in when this kind of statement is mandatory for a Secretary of Defense nominee in his hearings:

I’ve said that I’m a strong supporter of Israel… I’ve said that we have a special relationship with Israel… Ive never voted against Israel in my career… I’ve been to Israel many times,

Imagine if “Israel” was exchanged with any other country. It would be absurd – as it should be. It’s one thing to stipulate that alliances with foreign countries are rational and beneficial – but a very different one to consider them dogmatic.

It actually resembles cult mentality: obsessive demands for loyalty, suppression of dissent etc. Jim “Jonestown” Jones had public sessions in his congregation where dissidents were forced to confess to their (perceived) sins. David Miscavige, the Scientology leader, had a special building called “the Hole” on a church base in Los Angeles, where people who had fallen out of favor were put for long periods, even years, to be subjected to mass interrogations and confessions under torture-like conditions. It all stems from the paranoia of the leaders – Jones and Miscavige – who were/are pronounced pathological narcissists.

The origins of the dogmas and paranoia in US politics when is comes to Israel is not as easily pinpointed, and certainly not to one single person; but intense, often shadowy influences from the Israel lobby is probably a good place to start.


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