Today in cognitive dissonance: David Cameron

David Cameron is accusing George Galloway for supporting Arab dictators – merely for being asked about the discrepancy in UK involvement in Mali and Syria – while enthusiastically and continuously sucking up and selling multi-billion worth of arms to brutal dictators in autocracies such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Libya and Egypt.

Via Glenn Greenwald.


Today in cognitive dissonance: David Petraues

Conducting occupations around the globe with immeasurable civilian suffering as a result: makes you a hero and a legend.

Having an extramarital affair with your biographer: forces your resignation.

The Killer Prince

Prince Harry, the new Killer Captain, returns to his kingdom with glory and conquest. One wonders; did the prince keep as trophies the scalps of those savage Afghans he killed with his Apache helicopter? Did he eat their hearts to gain their powers, like a true warrior?

One wonders, indeed, what is says about the character of a society when its influential, privileged class parades and gets hailed for their killings and violence in foreign lands.

Update. The Taliban now comments on the boastings of the prince, claiming he suffers from psychiatric problems. They’re probably on to something.