Ateisten inför Gud

Youtube-ateisten Scott, aka Theoretical Bullshit, gör en utmärkt utläggning kring det hypotetiska scenariot att Gud trots allt finns och att han därmed, såsom ateist, har “haft fel”. Har själv försökt resonera att även om ett sådant scenario skulle vara rätt häpnadsväckande så skulle jag inte ha några principiella problem med det. Det handlar inte om vad som är rätt eller fel i absolut mening, utan om vad som kan stödjas med argument och resonemang. Skulle Gud uppenbara sig en dag och göra sin existens trovärdig bortom önsketänkande och vidskeplighet så grattis till honom — då han har min röst. Men tills dess får han finna sig i att vara en sagofigur.
Scott är inne på samma spår men förklarar det hela långt bättre:


One thought on “Ateisten inför Gud

  1. Hey, I get you. You are a reasonable, intelligent man. You bring up some very good points against God without expressing malice. Interestingly, your comments are ancient. They represent the same thoughts that mankind has expressed for generations, especially since the mid 1800’s in the west, when the first dinosaurs were being dug up. That’s when we began to think about life apart from what we learn in the Bible. I believe I am a reasonable person too. But after reading the Bible, and asking critical questions of a born again Christian, I decided to go directly to God Himself. I mechanically knelt down (just to express the sincerity I felt for what I was doing) and said,, “OK, Jesus… if you are who you say you are in the Bible, and if you really exist, then I’m going to ask you to forgive me of my sins. All of them- past, present and future. I believe in you, that you saved me from the penalty of my sins by going to the cross in my place. I don’t understand it all… I don’t agree with it all. In fact, there’s lots of things I don’t get. But if you’re who you say you are, then I want what you want for my life. I want you to come into my life and make it pleasing to you. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

    I didn’t expect anything to happen. But I immediately noticed something inside me. I had this strange feeling- a conviction- that for the first time in my life, God was pleased with me. In fact, He was thrilled with me and what I had just done. That funny little prayer I’d just prayed had unlocked something somewhere. I went to bed that night wondering about it, and thinking I had just made this new awareness up.

    But the next day, I met Him. Yeah, I met Jesus. When I told my Christian friend I had prayed “that prayer” the night before, he grinned and said, “isn’t it amazing how much He loves us?” Suddenly, unbeknownst to my friend, God touched me in the back of my head and His power surged through me, flooding me with light, knowledge of Him and understanding of all the things I had struggled to understand on my own without success. All of a sudden, I realized that my Maker is closer to me than the veins in my neck. He is Jesus, He is alive, I once was blind, but now I see! I was so shocked by this encounter and so embarrassed by a sudden rush of emotion, that without saying anything, I rushed out of the building, ducked into my car and balled like a baby. I wasn’t afraid at all, just felt so loved, so cared for, so not-alone anymore. I just cried and cried and cried. After that, my life began to change from the inside out. I can’t go into all this, except to say these changes were personal to me, having nothing to do with going to a church or getting involved in any organization. They happened to me without my efforts, and I realized immediately that the Holy Spirit was doing a work in me, making my life more and more pleasing to God. I was so hungry for the Scriptures, I read them over and over again. They described exactly what was happening to me. Only after a day or two of getting used to all this did I go to my Christian friend and tell him what was happening. He confirmed my experiences, saying that the same essential thing (everyone’s experiences of coming to faith are different and unique to the individual) happened to him when he was first “born again.” After that, I was hungry to go to a Bible-believing church, to study the Scriptures with others who knew Jesus like I did. To share, to ask questions, to grow spiritually. I was like a little kid again in my excitement.

    That was 30 years ago. My relationship with Jesus is as strong and real as ever. I believe Him when He tells me I will be in Heaven with Him one day. I walk with Him and talk with Him, receiving His answers (not my wishful thinking) to my prayers. I’m not perfect yet, not by a long shot. But hearing your atheist statement just now reminded me of the way I used to think. You are so close, my friend. You are on the brink of the most important discovery of your life. You will find Him when you search for Him with all your mind, your strength, your heart. And you will be found by Him, says the Lord. Jeremiah 29:11-14a.

    Just don’t waste any more time trying to understand. Just come to Him, tell Him everything, talk with Him as though He’s really there. Then, ask Him to save you and commit the rest of your life to His loving care. See what happens.

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